Pubdate: Tue, 09 Sep 2003
Source: Powell River Peak (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Peak Publishing Ltd.
Author: Kaia Sherritt


On August 20, a blue and white helicopter flew extremely close to my house.
When it approached, I was at the bottom of my driveway, getting ready to go
for a walk with friends and family, which included a six-month-old boy in a

After appearing to see us, the helicopter circled around and hovered over
us, only about 30 feet up, for about 20 seconds and then moved on to scour
through the rest of my neighbourhood. Several hours later, upon returning
home from our walk, a friend of mine noticed that several shingles had
loosened from my roof and landed on the outside deck. This seemed odd,
seeing that the roof is relatively new, and this had never happened before.
I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps there was a link between the
helicopter flying dangerously close to my family, friends and house, and the
shingles loosening.

Rumour has it that this same helicopter has been scanning my neighbourhood
looking for certain types of green plants ["Police seize pot plants," Police
Briefs, July 16]. Many feel the helicopter would have been put to better use
fighting the fires that were raging towards Kelowna at the time. I,
personally, have no real desire to get into the marijuana debate, however,
one thing I know for sure is that our current marijuana laws are based on
politics, not science.

However, politics aside, if you spend your time flying around in a blue and
white helicopter, could you please keep your distance from my house?

Kaia Sherritt,

Lund, BC
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