Pubdate: Sat, 09 Aug 2003
Source: Newport Daily News, The (RI)
Copyright: 2003. The Newport Daily News.
Author: Tom Angell


To the Editor:

On July 23, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the medical use of 
marijuana for the first time in five years.  Up for consideration was 
whether to strip funds from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration for 
continuing to interfere with medical marijuana laws in 10 states.

Although the amendment to the bill failed 152-273, patient advocates are 
encouraged by the final vote tally.  It represents a 62 percent increase in 
congressional support for medical marijuana since the House last voted on 
the issue in 1998.

Unfortunately, U.S. Rep. James Langevin voted to continue the federal 
government's attacks on medical marijuana patients.  U.S. Rep. Patrick 
Kennedy deserves thanks for supporting safe access to medicine for patients.

These patients have the support of their doctors, local law enforcement 
officials and families.

Why would any legislator risk supporting the DEA's raids when a recent 
Time/CNN poll found that 80 percent of Americans support medical marijuana?

Tom Angell

member, board of directors

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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