Pubdate: Tue, 16 Sep 2003
Source: Post-Bulletin (Rochester, MN)
Copyright: 2003 Post-Bulletin Company, LLC
Author: Tom Suther


I need to respond to the article regarding Sheriff Terese Amazi's
fooling or catching a couple teenagers for wanting to purchase cannabis.

We laughed and found it funny that they could be duped by a deputy
called Dupe, but we should be crying for the girls. They are going to
have a mark on their record that will prohibit them from getting loans
to go to college. If you are prosecuted for marijuana violations, the
federal government will not allowing you to receive
government-sponsored loans.

I say what a shame - first we played a trick on these girls and second
quite possibly hurt their chances to get to go to college or some
other institution of higher learning. Our Congress could support the
HR 685 bill repealing this provision in the Higher Education Act. I
doubt they will, but maybe if you would ask them they will change
their minds. And it is all over a plant that has industrial and
purported medical uses.

Tom Suther

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