Pubdate: Thu, 18 Sep 2003
Source: Salt Lake City Weekly (UT)
Copyright: 2003 Copperfield Publishing
Author: Jay Hunter

Declare Drug Peace

In his article "Wars R Us" [Sept. 11, City Weekly], Brandon Burt
wrote, "if this administration thinks we can carry out simultaneous
wars against drugs, terrorism and Iraq, they must be smoking crack."

This administration has said that terrorists use the bloated profits
caused by prohibition to carry out their skullduggery. North Korea is
another of dozens of terrorist states, but without vast fields of oil,
a war there seems unlikely, despite the fact that North Korea has been
implicated in state-controlled drug dealing.

What I find ironic is that if we declared "drug peace," terrorists
wouldn't have the money to fight, and hemp's biofuel would make it
nearly impossible for oil-producing regimes to finance oppression.

Jay Hunter

Pittsburgh, Pa.
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