Pubdate: Thu, 02 Oct 2003
Source: Appalachian, The (NC Edu)
Copyright: Appalachian State University 2003
Author: Ian Granucci


To the Editor:

In the Sept. 4 issue of The Appalachian, Will Gillespie announced his view 
that all students should be tested for drugs as a prerequisite for 
obtaining eligibility to attend Appalachian State University. This, Mr. 
Gillespie stated, "would prepare students for the real world." I do not 
use, nor do I advocate the use of narcotics, but Gillespie's idea is 
disturbing nonetheless.

While it is true that in the real world people are tested for narcotics, it 
is also true that in the real world people are paid to show up everyday. At 
a university the opposite is true. The students pay to come here. Mr. 
Gillespie misses that crucial difference between college and his so-called 
"real world." In the real world time spent on the job is the employer's 
time. At a university, time spent on campus is the student's choice. If the 
use is excessive and problematic then students will have to face the music 
in the form of lower grades and ultimately less job opportunities in life.

That's as real world as you can get, Mr. Gillespie. Let's assume that the 
vast majority of those mature enough to see the value of a college 
education are also mature enough to show self-control without it being 
shoved down their throat.
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