Pubdate: Thu, 02 Oct 2003
Source: Ledger-Enquirer (GA)
Copyright: 2003 Ledger-Enquirer
Author: Bobby Jackson
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This is a response to the Sept. 29 letter about things, primarily the 
lottery, that should be illegal because they are sins. The author seems to 
forget one thing: We live in a democratic republic, not a theocracy.

Many times throughout history people were governed by religion, most 
recently in both Iran and Afghanistan. In those countries, there is no 
gambling, no drinking, no secular music, no drugs and no personal freedom.

Some will say, "But that's Islam, and we don't believe that way." So I 
point out Massachusetts in the 17th century. It was an independent colony 
governed by Puritan laws. It was also not a free society.

The author mentions a letter writer from Albany who calls for the 
legalization of some drugs.

Maybe Albany has a point. As late as the 1930s in this country one could 
buy most drugs legally that are now outlawed, yet there was no need for a 
"War on Drugs." How interesting.

In the 1920s, alcohol sales were outlawed and there was rampant crime. When 
the ban was repealed, the bulk of the crime ceased.

Laws should exist to protect the rights and property of citizens, not to 
enforce religious doctrines. That is something guaranteed to us by our 

A lottery or Sunday alcohol sales do not mean a person has to participate. 
If you do not feel it is right to play the lottery, buy alcohol on Sunday, 
or see naked people on film, then don't. I do not like to hear political 
pundits on radio and TV, so I do not listen to them. However, I do not 
advocate a law banning the practice because I know others want to hear 
them. If we are a free country, then let's be a free country.

Bobby Jackson

Phenix City
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