Pubdate: Thu, 02 Oct 2003
Source: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)
Copyright: The Hamilton Spectator 2003
Author: Peter Zahoruk
Bookmark: (Treatment)


RE: 'Merchants Oppose Drug Clinic' (Sept. 25)

I was greatly saddened by the ignorant and selfish response by the James 
Street North Merchants and Business Association to the opening of a drug 
abuse treatment centre on James Street North.

Addiction to drugs is a scourge we face together as a community. Having 
spent time working in the drug-ravaged downtown eastside in Vancouver, 
isolating and ostracizing drug users to particular neighbourhoods will only 
exacerbate the problem.

To what part of the city would those who oppose it have the clinic relocate?

Turning the east end into another Main and Hastings might be fine for those 
whose greed and heartlessness control their actions, but some of us want to 
help, not hurt, our community.

Does Ward 2 Councillor Andrea Horwath know how ridiculous she sounds when 
she says "Putting a cure in the area where temptation is greatest doesn't 
make much sense."?

Excuse me? Offering outreach services when people are in their greatest 
moment of need and weakness is exactly the right idea.

Finally, I wonder if Rev. Ronald Burridge, president of the Business 
Association, will admit his motives for objecting to the clinic before God. 
If I can recall my Grade 3 Bible readings correctly, didn't Jesus himself 
work with prostitutes, homeless and the addicted? Who is the good reverend 
working for?

Peter Zahoruk,

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