Pubdate: Fri, 10 Oct 2003
Source: Maroon, The (LA Edu)
Copyright: 2003 The Maroon.
Author: Charles Myers



I was appalled when I read Brad Zarin's column, "Pot normalization
appalling trend," It is a prime example of how ignorant this country
is about some issues, and marijuana legalization is definitely one of
those issues.

NORML is an organization of people who believe in the benefits of
marijuana. Maybe someday Zarin will understand this when he has a
family member dying of cancer and needs marijuana for medical purposes.

Yes, the so-called "movement" needs responsible people, because with a
bunch of stoners, it won't get anywhere.

NORML is about a group of people who pay taxes and have goals.
Everyone knows that the penalties placed on smokers by far outweigh
the harm that it has caused.

Children still have access to alcohol even with the laws; the taboo
factor increases the death count, but marijuana? I've never heard of
anyone dying from that. And where are the statistics in the column?

The only thing NORML at Loyola will threaten is ignorance itself. The
Maroon should save up and buy Mr. Zarin a ticket to Amsterdam, and
maybe he'll come back with a more substantial column.

Charles Myers communications junior
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