Pubdate: Thu, 09 Oct 2003
Source: Auburn Plainsman, The (AL Edu)
Copyright: 2003 The Auburn Plainsman
Author: Kim Hanna
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Editor, The Auburn Plainsman:

Mr. Thompson should know that the animal rights Mr. Nugent supports is the
right to be hunted. That's right. Mr. Nugent is a hunter and he supports the
right to terrorize helpless little animals. He supports the right to execute
them in any manner he chooses; torturing them, taking their lives and taking
them from their friends and family. A true American role model, as Mr.
Thompson states.

More people die from hunting "accidents" than have ever died from marijuana.

Perhaps we should ban hunting and legalize marijuana.

Mr. Thompson is so worried about the byproducts of smoking marijuana, but
there are other methods of utilizing marijuana; like baking cookies and
brownies, marijuana tinctures and vaporizing marijuana. There are far more
dangerous activities than smoking marijuana. Just the other day in my town,
somebody tipped over while off-road four-wheeling and died. Better ban those
four wheelers, as well.

Marijuana is not a proper noun and isn't capitalized, except at the start of
a sentence. Marijuana is a slang term given to the cannabis plant by racist
government agents of the alcohol prohibition department, in order to
demonize the herb used by jazz musicians. Yes, the laws against cannabis
were racist in nature because white women were dancing and swooning over
black jazz musicians. Yes, imagine a white woman dancing in the same room
with blacks.

They had to outlaw that and so made cannabis illegal.

Cannabis is not native to America and the Native Americans never used
"marijuana." Jamaican society has been devastated because America's war on
cocaine and cannabis has flooded the former slave nation with cheap cocaine.

The wars there are over cocaine and drug money not drugs. We export our drug
terror around the world in order to make the countries weak and easy take
over targets for our corporations.

America demonized the ritual use of cannabis in the Rastafarian culture in
Jamaica and forced untold misery on their people's peaceful pursuit of their
religion. Rastafarians are persecuted in America in violation of our rights
to free expression of religion.

Nature gave Mr. Thompson a brain and the cannabis plant.  The cannabis is
active in our brains because nature intended us to use the plant; otherwise
there would be no reason for nature to make it active within the human

Try it, you might like it, and then you will know the truth. Only from
experience can you know the truth about cannabis.

Kim Hanna

Worchester, Mass.
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