Pubdate: Tue, 14 Oct 2003
Source: Palm Beach Post, The (FL)
Copyright: 2003 The Palm Beach Post
Author: Jean Johnson


About Kathleen Parker Oct. 4 column "Fall scandals smell of politics":
Ask good right-wing Republicans about fanning the flames of partisan
scandals; they created the game. Ms. Parker grouses about Arnold
Schwarzenegger having to explain his unwelcome sexually aggressive
behavior. How unfair that a political figure should have to answer for
what he did in his personal life.

Someone -- it looks like someone in the White House -- outed a CIA
operative, which is against the law. Gee, the White House should have
immunity from prosecution so the president can do his job. Those mean
old Democrats: Here a law was actually broken in a way that threatens
national security, and they're not just looking for something to look
into, they have the actual breach, and they want to find out who did
it. How partisan of them.

And, finally, Rush Limbaugh does drugs. He probably won't be
prosecuted for the more than 4,000 doses of OxyContin he purchased;
that's only for poor people. But a man's private life should be
private. Don't the Democrats know that? How unfair. His racist and
uninformed comment about a football player is just another example of
people who are conspiring to make the guy look bad, just because he
engages in ad hominem attacks against anybody to the left of him.

"A cynic might be tempted to consider the possibility of a vast left-
wing conspiracy," Ms. Parker proposes. She should know. What better
way to overlook breaking the law and immoral behavior of those who
would be our leaders than to discredit the motives of everyone who
might be concerned about these (not rumors leaked to the press but)

Jean Johnson

Lake Worth
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