Pubdate: Fri, 17 Oct 2003
Source: Naples Daily News (FL)
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Author: Flo Beckler
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Editor, Naples Daily News:

Addiction is a dreadful disease and deserves our deepest compassion.
However, when addicts-in-denial hold themselves up as models of virtue, and
pontificate against "the fallen," it is more difficult to rally to their
side when their own personal addictions are uncovered.

With the recent examples of Bill "Book of Virtues" Bennett and now Rush
"Throw the Book at 'em" Limbaugh, it is considerably more difficult to rally
to their support.

Enter politics. Despite the fact that addiction is both ecumenical and
nonpartisan, the Religious Right moralists, along with many conservative
politicians and rabid talk-show hosts, close ranks, justifying the addicts
in their midst and exuding unlimited compassion for their plight. In great
contrast, just a few years ago, these same moralists exhibited extreme moral
indignation at President Clinton's sexual addiction. Their response? As
crucifixion and burning at the stake were no longer options, impeachment was
the punishment of choice.

These moralists preach total adherence to "right living." Is it possible
that they are now suffering from "creeping relativism"? Or is it crass

Flo Beckler, Naples
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