Pubdate: Sat, 18 Oct 2003
Source: North County Times (CA)
Copyright: 2003 North County Times
Author: Carole Shanahan


What with the steady diet of far-right radio talk shows in this area, many 
locals will believe that Rush Limbaugh is more to be pitied than censored.

While this may be true, until now Rush and those same talk show hosts have 
had no pity for anyone using any kind of drugs, for any reason. I might say 
that they and Limbaugh have had no compassion for others, period. Theirs is 
a philosophy of each man, woman or child for themselves, and those who fall 
behind in the race deserve to be trampled on.

The barrage of poor-Rush speeches coming from the right is beginning to 
make me feel ill. Limbaugh was in pain. So have been a lot of others.

Could weight loss have been a motivating factor as well? Then again, 
perhaps that part of his brain he has tied behind his back died from lack 
of use and he couldn't think straight anymore.

Rush deserves sympathy and good wishes, but only if those offering them 
also extend sympathy, help and good wishes to all those who are dependent 
on drugs, prescription or otherwise. Drug addiction is a sickness; to 
punish one user with a prison sentence and gush over another with sympathy, 
pretending that physical pain is understandable while emotional pain is 
not, is hypocrisy.

Carole Shanahan

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