Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2003
Source: Johnson City Press (TN)
Copyright: 2003 Johnson City Press and Associated Press
Author: Kirk Muse


EDITOR: I'm writing about the thoughtful letter from Geoffrey Davies of 
England, ("Drug Experiment" 10-13-03) which was in response to my previous 

First off, I'd like to observe that it looks like the Johnson City Press is 
read worldwide, thanks to the internet.

Regarding Davies' suggestion that we make drugs of known quality available 
to prisoners for pennies per dose, is an outstanding idea.

Speaking of drugs and prisons - drugs are available inside all U. S. prisons.

If we cannot keep drugs out of our prisons which have razor wire fences, 
lethal electric fences, iron bars, security cameras everywhere and 
prisoners subject to full body searches, how are we expected to keep drugs 
out of our country which has thousands of miles of international borders 
and coastline?

When Davies or anybody else gets the answer, please share it with our 
politicians who somehow seem to think that if we just throw another 
trillion dollars down the drug war rat hole, we will be able to nullify the 
immutable law of supply and demand.

KIRK MUSE, Mesa, Ariz.
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