Pubdate: Sun, 19 Oct 2003
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2003 Stillwater News Press
Author: Jack A. Cole


Jack A. Cole, executive director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

The goal of the Red Ribbon Campaign is to mobilize communities, encourage an
attitude of intolerance and eliminate the demand for drugs throughout
America. The goal is to promote a drug-free lifestyle for all Americans. -
Stillwater Red Ribbon Campaign flier

The Red Ribbon Campaign is one of the most misguided projects to come along
in the 33 years of the misguided war on drugs. At LEAP, we believe
intolerance is the exact opposite of what America should stand for.

Drug warriors try to convince us they can achieve a "drug-free nation" when
they can't maintain a drug-free maximum security prison. There are 87
million people in the United States older than 12 who have used an illegal
drug - do they want us to arrest every one of them?

If we ended drug prohibition people would not have to die from overdosing on
unregulated drugs; be shot in the streets by drug dealers protecting their
turf; shot in their houses by police executing search warrants, as well as
home owners, when they assault the wrong houses; or incinerated in the World
Trade Center by terrorists who made their money selling drugs.

If we legalized drugs today, no terrorist in the world would make a penny on
drugs sales tomorrow.
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