Pubdate: Sun, 26 Oct 2003
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2003 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Joseph C. Rook


Re: "Limbaugh should pay full price," Oct. 19 Ken Hamblin column.

Hear! Hear! Ken Hamblin got it right: "Rush Limbaugh is a junkie." It seems 
Limbaugh would have us believe he couldn't help it because his pain pills 
were prescribed. It's highly unlikely that he was getting a sufficient 
supply just from a medical professional who wrote a prescription; there 
were other sources.

Those of us in the field of treating chronic-pain patients know that 
long-acting narcotics, when taken as prescribed, are not only quite 
effective in helping individuals manage their pain, but do not produce some 
type of emotional/mental "high." By choosing to use the phrase 
"prescription pain medication," Limbaugh seems to be attempting to reduce 
his responsibility and culpability. It is extremely rare that an individual 
with chronic pain who follows a plan of using a long-acting narcotic gets 
addicted. Limbaugh's drug habit was a behavioral choice that he made, over 
and over.


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