Pubdate: Tue, 04 Nov 2003
Source: Appalachian, The (NC Edu)
Copyright: Appalachian State University 2003
Author: Kirk Muse
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To the Editor:

I'm writing about the thoughtful letter from Mett Ausley, Jr., MD."METH ON 
THE RISE" (10-14-03).  I'd like to add that there's one law, if passed by 
Congress, that would completely put the illegal meth labs out of business 

That would be a law making pharmaceutical grade amphetamines legally 
available in local pharmacies for pennies per dose. 90 years ago when all 
types of recreational drugs were legally available in local pharmacies for 
pennies per dose, we didn't have clandestine drug labs or drug related 
crime.  And drug dealers, as we know them today, didn't exist.

Increasing law enforcement efforts will only make the product more 
profitable.  No product can be eliminated by making it more profitable. 
Oklahoma and Missouri have some of the toughest anti-meth laws in the 
country, yet meth use and production is at record levels in Oklahoma, 
Missouri and dozens of other states.

Prohibition doesn't work.  It never has and never will, except to assure 
full employment for those doing the prohibiting. When alcohol prohibition 
ended in 1933, 100 percent of the "bathtub gin" producers went out of 
business for economic reasons and they have stayed out of the business for 
economic reasons.

The U. S. murder rate also declined for 10 consecutive years.  Have we 
learned any lessons?

Not yet.

Kirk Muse
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