Pubdate: Wed, 05 Nov 2003
Source: Arizona Republic (AZ)
Copyright: 2003 The Arizona Republic
Author: Kirk Muse


Regarding the letter on Saturday "Marijuana has its

So far, in the 5,000-year history of its use, there are no documented
deaths from its use, but perhaps there will be a first time.

I know of no one who advocates the legalization, regulation and
government control of marijuana who claims there are no risks
involving marijuana use. We just don't want one of the risks to be
getting arrested and thrown in jail with violent criminals.

Regarding the so-called gateway theory, 100 percent of heroin and
cocaine addicts started out with either mother's milk or baby formula,
but that is certainly not the cause of heroin or cocaine addiction any
more than marijuana is the cause.

It seems to me that one of the most basic freedoms is the freedom for
adults to decide what goes into their own bodies without the threat of
getting arresting and thrown in jail.

Our government should protect us from our enemies - not ourselves.

Kirk Muse,

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