Pubdate: Wed, 05 Nov 2003
Source: Ocean County Observer (NJ)
Copyright: 2003 Ocean County Observer
Author:  Peter Christopher
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Jim Miller is to be applauded for his continued political fight in his 
wife's memory. Imagine a 32-year multiple sclerosis sufferer traveling from 
her home in the Silverton section of Dover Township to our state capitol in 
Trenton and our nation's capitol in Washington, D.C., and no one will 
listen to her decade-long pleas for help.

Our elected officials and their appointees, like First Assistant Ocean 
County Prosecutor Terrence Farley, have let us all down. In an overzealous 
attempt to keep our citizens and their children from marijuana by total 
prohibition, we have overlooked the medical possibilities so many of our 
ill say helps them. Since when does law enforcement speak for the medical 
community? If Farley wants to talk about "taking dope," I suggest he think 
about the ravages of toxic substances like OxyContin and the many 
synthesized prescription drugs available and deadly. Cheryl's medicine has 
never killed anyone and was a valued medicine within past pharmacopoeia.

When the discussion becomes more about medicine and less about law 
enforcement political mantra, we may get somewhere positive on this issue 
and help those who need us to be more helpful in their situation -- people 
like Cheryl Miller. We all let her down by not correcting this injustice in 
her lifetime. How many more will suffer?

New Jersey had a medical marijuana bill of some decades ago to form a 
medical marijuana advisory panel. Where did it go? The time is long overdue 
to create a modern piece of legislation, debate it in the appropriate 
legislative forum, and form that advisory panel as prescribed by past 
legislation not yet acted upon.

Maybe then the response to citizen requests for medical actions will not be 
dealt with by law enforcement in the media and become a decision acted upon 
by doctors and medical science. Any new legislative bill in this area 
should be named in your honor, Cheryl. Rest in peace.


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