Pubdate: Thu, 06 Nov 2003
Source: Star-News (NC)
Contact:  2003 Wilmington Morning Star
Author: Ben Bagby


EDITOR: ... I don't believe that radio personality Rush Limbaugh's comments 
about Donovan McNabb were racist comments. ... I disagree with him on this 
and most other things he says, but the comments in this case were not truly 

His prescription drug problem is another thing. Many people find themselves 
going down roads they wish they weren't. It happens in a gradual way and 
the next thing they know, they are making some very poor choices.

However, it's much different when the affected person is a high- profile, 
self righteous, holier-than-though public scolder like Rush Limbaugh, Bill 
Bennett, Jimmy Swaggert or other "let me tell you how to live" hypocrites.

These purveyors of righteousness are writing books, making speeches and 
conducting daily rants about the weaknesses and defects of others while 
obviously making exceptions for their own behavior. ...

Mr. Limbaugh only came clean after he was "outed" by The National Enquirer, 
of all papers. If it turns out that he is not only addicted but was buying 
the "medicine" from illegal sources, he is really no better than a crackhead.

As a human being, I hope he is able to beat this problem, but his overall 
credibility is forever tarnished. Hypocrisy is not a virtue.

Ben Bagby,

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