Pubdate: Sat, 01 Nov 2003
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2003sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Ruth Carter


I am a representative of the women at Pekin Federal Prison Camp. We are a 
small facility of approximately 250 ladies, mostly first-time, non-violent 
drug offenders. Some have addictions; some don't. More importantly, this is 
the classic scenario of federal prisons around the country.

I am serving 15 years/8 months for less of a crime than those alleged of 
Rush Limbaugh or Noelle Bush. The difference? Rush Limbaugh has money, and 
with money comes power. He will be able to buy himself a "Get out of jail 
free" card much like O.J. did and Noelle did with the influence of her 
father and Uncle George.

When the rich incur difficulties - everything from an affair to an 
addiction - it is viewed as a private matter necessitating healing. When 
someone from the middle class has the same problem, the answer is to lock 
them up in prisons or slap on expensive fines to eliminate the conundrum as 
best as we can.

Our sons in Iraq will no doubt suffer from what they have seen and 
experienced, much the same as in Vietnam. To cope, some may take drugs. The 
bottom line is that the rich go to rehab and the poor go to prison.

John Ashcroft has gone to great lengths to tour the United States promoting 
his ideals about uniformity in sentencing practices. What better way to 
implement this, Mr. Ashcroft, than by creating justice for all? This would 
mean for the rich as well for the poor. Rush and Noelle may never serve a 
day in prison. Isn't it time to allow other first-time, non-violent 
offenders that same chance?

Ruth Carter

Federal Prison Camp

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