Pubdate: Thu, 06 Nov 2003
Source: Smithers Interior News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Alan Randell
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The Editor,

The following letter is written in regards to The Interior News article 
Community-wide response sought for crystal meth problem, Oct. 23.

When will we understand that the most effective way to reduce the harm and 
heartbreak of illegal drugs is to end drug prohibition?

When will we understand that punishing people who sell or use some harmful 
recreational drugs while leaving alone those who sell or use other harmful 
recreational drugs can have no other logical purpose than to entertain the 
majority by persecuting an innocent minority?

Perhaps not until the media can be persuaded to stop serving up one-sided 
propaganda pieces such as this to support this shameful pogrom.

Hitler showed the way and our politicians and media are merely 
goose-stepping along in his path.

Alan Randell, Victoria
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