Pubdate: Sat, 15 Nov 2003
Source: Greenville News (SC)
Copyright: 2003 The Greenville News
Author: Sharon Coker


A new drug-free promotional television ad features a son and his 
hard-working mother constantly being attentive to him and on his case about 
not using pot/drugs. The end of this commercial shows a happy-go-lucky boy 
carrying the groceries for his mom. The last sentence is that he is a good 
boy, drug-free because - "she is a good mom." As the mom of a child lost to 
drug addiction, I was overcome with disbelief that our government could be 
so shallow and short-sighted as to sponsor a campaign that labels moms of 
drug-free children as good, leaving the conclusion that moms of addicted 
children are bad.

Sometimes we are so quick to judge others and think, "Oh that would never 
happen to me."

I was one of those doting parents who as I held my babies tight thought 
that I would be a perfect "stay-at-home" mom with ruffled curtains, a 
white-picket fence, an oven mitt in one hand and the strong arm of 
discipline as the other, and the "evils" of the world would never invade my 

We learn the hard way that the pedestal we sometimes place ourselves on can 
melt right beneath our feet. To quote Hillary Clinton, "It takes a village 
to raise a child." We should be that village through actions, empathy and 
humility and not by attaching labels and condemnation.

Sharon Coker

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