Pubdate: Thu, 27 Nov 2003
Source: NOW Magazine (Canada)
Copyright: 2003 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Chris Buors
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With all due respect, i think letter writer Terry Parker Jr. is wrong about 
Alan Young (NOW, November 20-26). I'm sure Alan has broad shoulders and can 
bear a few insults, as well as speak for himself. Notwithstanding that, 
Parker has forgotten that no other lawyer even stood up to the system 
before Alan came along. Quite frankly, all of Parker's beefs ought to be 
vented at outgoing Prime Minister Jean Chretien. More precisely, his anger 
should be vented at Canadians who support politicians who support drug 
prohibition, prescription rights and drug patents that cost us dearly at 
the pharmacy.

Young has never pretended to have all the answers. He's always been a 
straight shooter. The battle for drug liberty is a political one and not a 
legal one. And in that battle, Alan has been a beam of enlightenment.

On behalf of many other activists who know of and appreciate all the hard 
work and sacrifice Young has dedicated to the cause of restoring dignity to 
the justice system, may I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chris Buors, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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