Pubdate: Thu, 04 Dec 2003
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2003, The Racine Journal Times
Author: Joe Adams


There are currently nine states that have legalized the use of medical 
marijuana and with every day that goes by the data and research supporting 
medical marijuana only gets stronger.

Most of this data comes from outside of the United States because other 
countries get the big picture and have put the reefer madness era behind them.

Unfortunately the U.S. hasn't yet, but things are starting to look up. 
There is ground-breaking research being done within the California 
University system on head trauma and until recently this type of study 
would never take place in this country. The researchers are very please at 
how wonderful marijuana is and how versatile this plant is in treating 
sever head trauma.

The Bush Administration has been a huge setback in the medical research 
movement as well as a threat to ill patients themselves that require this 
medicine and the doctors who recommend it. The Bush Administration as gone 
as far as arresting and jailing terminally ill patients some of whom are 
virtually on their death beds with cancer, MS, AIDS, etc.This ridiculous 
and deadly attempt to punish the sick and dying had no success at all so 
the Bush Administration started to attack the doctors with treats of taking 
their license away just for talking to patients about medical marijuana.

On 10/14/03 the highest court of the land the United States Supreme Court 
rejected an attempt by the Bush Administration to punish the doctors by 
stripping them of their license. We as the citizens of this country have a 
moral and ethical obligation to protect those that are sick and unfortunate.

I urge you all to contact your state representatives and tell them to 
support medical marijuana. Those interested in doing more should contact 
the Director of Communications at IMMLY Gary Storck (608) 241-8922.

Joe Adams
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