Pubdate: Sat, 06 Dec 2003
Source: Winston-Salem Journal (NC)
Copyright: 2003 Piedmont Publishing Co. Inc.
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Author: George A. Bedsworth


When I first heard that Rush Limbaugh had gone deaf, I assumed that it was 
because of atrophy. Now it appears that the culprit could have been 
OxyContin. I certainly do not bear him any ill will and hope that he 
recovers from his addiction as well as he did from his deafness. I just 
wonder if he will turn himself in to authorities so they can send him up 
the river, since he is a white guy who got addicted to drugs.

That seems doubtful, though, given reports that Limbaugh, lawyer-basher 
extraordinaire, hired one of the best criminal lawyers in the country. 
That's understandable, because when a person obtains controlled substances 
without a prescription, they call that a crime.

Is it possible that next Limbaugh will be asking the courts for some of 
that old-fashioned liberal compassion?


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