Pubdate: Thu, 11 Dec 2003
Source: Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal
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Author: Chris Buors


Editor, The Journal

Hubert Beyer did not seem to learn the most powerful lesson Elliot Ness 
taught about prohibition; it doesn't work. Al Capone went to jail and Frank 
Nitty stepped in to fill the vacancy.

When it comes right down to it, the pirates and privateers existed then for 
the same reason that so-called organized crime exists now; the people want 
goods and services that the King forbids. The King is the most enterprising 
of ruffians and profits the most from his pronouncements pointed out Thomas 
Paine in Common Sense.

Patents, prescription rights and prohibition are the King creations to 
enrichen favored friends today. The laws are perceived as unjust under 
circumstances where the natural rights are violated. The public will 
support those who defy the heavy hand of the King in every time and in 
every culture under those circumstances. The King can get very draconian 
and make life very miserable for pirates and privateers and their customers 
too. However the demand for rum and molasses/drugs and guns will remain no 
matter what actions the King takes. The people will even pay a higher 
premium for the desired goods luring ever more and more pirates and 
privateers to get in while the getting's good. Every time a pirate ship is 
sunk, it is soon replaced because of the high profit potential of beating 
the King's blockade just once.

The spirit of Lafayette shall live forever in those who love and cherish 
liberty as the highest idea.

Good luck in beating that Mr. Harcourt.

Chris Buors

Libertarian Party of Manitoba

Winnipeg Manitoba
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