Pubdate: Wed, 17 Dec 2003
Source: Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Copyright: 2003 The Jamaica Observer Ltd,
Author: J Khouri
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Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, December 10, your paper quoted Solicitor-General Michael
Hylton as saying that:

"If ... the Dangerous Drugs Act is amended to decriminalise the
private, personal use of marijuana in small quantities, Jamaica would,
in all likelihood, be in breach of certain international obligations
in respect of drug control."

Perhaps he may then be able to state which international conventions
the United Kingdom has breached when Home Secretary David Blunkett
took exactly the same step earlier this year? Or has Mr Hilton simply
not done enough research on the difference between "decriminalising"
and "legalising"?

J Khouri, Law Student

London, UK
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