Pubdate: Thu, 06 Feb 2003
Source: Memphis Flyer (TN)
Copyright: 2003 Contemporary Media, Inc.
Author: Raymond Farr
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To the Editor:

In regard to your story about OxyContin ("I Want a New Drug," Jan. 30th 
issue), there will always be a segment of society that will abuse that 
which helps others. There are many doctors who are afraid to treat pain 
with medication for fear of prosecution. There are many organizations that 
would like to have OxyContin taken out of production.

I suffered with chronic lower-back pain for over 15 years until I found a 
doctor who cared enough to pursue a cause for the pain. An MRI showed a 
degenerative condition in three discs. Surgery was recommended, with no 
guarantee that I would be pain-free.

Three years ago, I was prescribed OxyContin. There are never any refills 
given. I see my doctor every three to four months for evaluation and a new 
prescription. My dosage has never been increased. OxyContin is a godsend 
for many chronic-pain sufferers. Without this medication, I would not be 
able to work and would probably be on disability.

Here's to the doctors with the compassion and courage to prescribe 
medication for pain. After all, this is the 21st century.

Raymond Farr

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