Pubdate: Tue, 11 Mar 2003
Source: Springfield News-Leader (MO)
Copyright: 2003 The Springfield News-Leader
Author: Carole Graves


Re: Don Snavely's March 9 letter, "Marijuana causes
fatal crashes, too."

Former police officer Snavely tells quite a convincing story, but can
he provide any proof of these "many, many" wrecks?

I bet $1 he worked more alcohol-than marijuana-related fatalities,
yet all drinkers aren't arrested. I bet $2 he worked more fatalities
with sober drivers than those using marijuana. Should we arrest all of
them, too?

I see impaired drivers every day. They're easy to spot even without a
sobriety test. They're on the phone, smoking cigarettes, eating,
reading, falling asleep, their driving skills stink or they're simply
not paying attention.

I recall two women were killed in separate wrecks in Springfield last
year and a man was mowed down at a bus stop. Of course, those wrecks
were called accidents because the drivers were "sober."

Can anybody remember the last time they read about a wreck resembling
the story told by Snavely?

No? Me neither.

I bet everybody $3 Snavely worked many, many, many more deaths from
alcohol poisoning than the zero deaths from marijuana poisoning. Now,
which one should be illegal?

Carole Graves, Ozark
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