Pubdate: Mon, 24 Mar 2003
Source: Halifax Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2003 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Shawn Carter
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We have a serious problem boiling up in our fair city of Halifax, folks. On 
March 31, funding runs out (with no resolution in sight) on the Direction 
180 methadone clinic on Gottingen Street. If this happens, our city will 
turn into a war zone overnight.

Without methadone, 65 junkies would be left on the street with nowhere to 
turn and, in most cases, crime would be the only solution. If this happens, 
we're looking at a tripled crime rate.

I know most people don't give a crap about us, but it's not just us that 
you should be concerned about; this will affect everybody around us too.

Call your councillors and government officials, write letters, phone, 
e-mail anybody you can about this problem. Let's try to solve it together.

I'm a recovering drug addict. I've been on the program for a year and a 
half and it has changed my life in many ways. I can function normally now 
and work like a productive member of our community. There are many patients 
in the same boat as I am. Please help us any way you can. Thank you so much.

Shawn Carter, Bedford
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