Pubdate: Thu, 20 Mar 2003
Source: Shepherd Express (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Alternative Publications Inc.
Author:  Donald D. Lyons
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The federal government will never silence the court of public opinion. The 
American public has already shown overwhelming support of the medicinal use 
of marijuana. Its time for a national debate. California voted to make 
medical marijuana legal, but the feds are trying to block that law. 
Whatever happened to "We the People"? The government is persecuting 
individuals instead of working with the state of California to resolve the 
conflicts in the medical marijuana law.

Our elected officials must have the courage to discuss the issue of 
marijuana and the use of it. A federal jury in San Francisco found one of 
the nation's most prominent advocates of medical marijuana guilty of 
conspiracy and cultivation charges. Helping sick people should never be a 
crime. As for myself, I will stand steadfast in my support of the legal use 
of marijuana. Yes, it was a triumph for the government, but a sad day for 
the many sick and dying people of California. And for a law, they voted 
"yes" on.

Donald D. Lyons, Racine
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