Pubdate: Thu, 27 Mar 2003
Source: Aldergrove Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Central Fraser Valley Star Publishing Ltd.
Author: Chuck Beyer
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Illegal Drugs)
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Editor, The Star:

What is it that Rich Coleman does not understand about the concept of "the 
will of the people in BC ?" ["Coleman pushes for hard-line on pot", The 
Star, March 23]

He says, in regards to marijuana, "Lax laws are putting out the welcome mat 
for marijuana growers."

The whole point is that 56 per cent of British Columbians do not want this 
law enforced at all. They want him to pressure the federal government to 
heed the advice of the Canadian Senate to legalize marijuana.

And in regards to Coleman's love of the US Drug War Gulags - If he likes 
the US so much - why doesn't he move there? They should have room for one 
more red-neck drug warrior.

The question arises: for whom exactly is Coleman working, if it is not the 
B.C. majority? Since we are paying his salary, it would be appreciated if 
he could speak for us, rather than a dwindling minority of marijuana 
prohibitionists and their American pals.

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