Pubdate: Tue, 01 Apr 2003
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2003sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Richard James Rawlings


The Illinois Marijuana Party is fighting for our fellow Americans who are 
locked away in prison, whose families are less one mom or one dad, and 
those who have been killed in this never-ending and horribly failed war on 

Because of the war on drugs, America has become a police state. It has 
become a place where police officers question little kids in school about 
what their parents are doing at home. The United States has become a place 
where you can lose your job, your home, your land, your money and your 
children because of what the government found in your urine. The American 
government has no business in our bladders.

Because we choose to consume a natural plant that is less dangerous than 
alcohol and tobacco, our government has declared war on us. Since when does 
the government own the minds and bodies of it citizens?

We are not shady characters. We are your friends, your family and your 
neighbors. We are patriotic Americans. We firmly believe in the principles 
this country was founded on - justice and freedom. We hate anyone and 
anything that would corrupt our beloved system. We are prepared to defend 
it against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Richard James Rawlings

President, Illinois Marijuana Party/Peoria
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