Pubdate: Thu, 03 Apr 2003
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Copyright: 2003 The Sacramento Bee
Author: Eric Harlow


Re "A judge reverses himself," editorial, March 15: Again, The Bee had a 
golden opportunity to bring some vital information to readers and failed. 
While we can agree with Judge Peter Nowinski on the harshness of his 
initial 90 days locked up for Jeff Jones resulting from handing out 
educational fliers at the courthouse, most jurors do not know their 
absolute right to vote their conscience, not withstanding the facts 
presented in coming to a just verdict, sometimes in opposition to what the 
judge decides in his mind is correct.

In effect, with the present system, the judge perverts the justice system 
when he denies this information to prospective jurors. And the judge knows 

Newspapers have the obligation to continually bring awareness of complex 
issues such a juror rights. Why does The Bee avoid its responsibilities on 
this issue of educating citizens?

- - Eric Harlow, Paradise
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