Pubdate: Thu, 03 Apr 2003
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2003sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Diane Damarin


The March 22 Journal Star contained an article about the increase in the 
manufacture of methamphetamine, its use and some recent laws passed to aid 
law enforcement. So far so good.

Then, Peoria County State's Attorney-For-Life Kevin Lyons said, "I hear 
some people refer to it as the drug of choice for white trash." In a moment 
of CYA - cover your attorney - he said, "I don't describe it that way 
because I have a hard time describing people in that way."

If that colorful remark were made of any other ethnic group, Mr. Lyons 
would be accused of racial profiling, insensitivity for the poor and a lack 
of understanding for a community engaged in survival. Drugs are very 
democratic, very available and in all strata of Peoria society. It is one 
of the largest imports and exports in river city.

Diane Damarin

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