Pubdate: Thu, 10 Apr 2003
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2003, The Racine Journal Times


I agree that the near-fatal use of AMT by three Racine young persons was 
scary. I hope that it was a warning that drug abuse can be 
life-threatening. However, making AMT illegal is also quite scary-and 
totally ineffective.

If AMT is banned from the Internet, it will be sold by drug dealers on the 
streets, who will reap increased profits as with poisoned "bathtub gin" 
during alcohol prohibition and dealers of illegal substances have no 
incentive to prove their quality or safety. Decriminalizing AMT and other 
drugs would permit reputable pharmaceutical firms to manufacture and sell them.

This would mean consistent dosage standards along with accurate information 
about benefits and side effects. Drug prohibition has encouraged the usage 
of AMT, LSD, and Ecstasy. These drugs give a few more intense high than 
marijuana or cocaine with far more unpredictable results. What is 
especially scary is that The Journal Times, our politicians, and these 
young people believe that making AMT illegal would have stopped them from 
purchasing it over the Internet, or anywhere else. They were intent on 
acquiring party drugs to use with their friends. There is no guarantee that 
they would have avoided this tragic brush with death, if they had used 
Ecstasy instead of AMT. The moral of this scary tale is to end the 
nightmare of drug prohibition, and for party goers to show common sense and 
personal responsibility before they seek a "high" from drugs which lowers 
them six feet under.

Keith R. Deschler

Libertarian Party of Racine/Kenosha

32241/2 Meachem Road
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