Pubdate: Fri, 11 Apr 2003
Source: Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (MS)
Copyright: 2003 Journal Publishing Company
Author: Anita Mayfield
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Marijuana has been legally grown in Mississippi (at the University of 
Mississippi School of Pharmacy, for research, under special permit with the 
federal and state governments) for over two decades, with nine states 
legalizing its use for medicinal reasons and now benefiting from its 
harvest. Mississippi is not one of those states. We grow medical marijuana 
here in our state but we cannot use it. Why is that?

The state of Mississippi's overfed DEA locks up whomever they want - 
ripping apart families, stealing their property and/or their children - and 
auctions off anything they can get their hands on to the highest bidder. 
They can do this to you for even talking about marijuana over the telephone 
- - charging you with "conspiracy to distribute."

Non-violent marijuana users can be given more prison time than murderers, 
rapists, and child molesters. I am so outraged by this and you should be, too.

The DEA constantly claims that marijuana is a "gateway drug" that will 
surely lead the user to cocaine and/or heroin.

However, the 1999 Institute of Medicine report, done by some of the 
country's top scientists, found no evidence that sanctioning the medical 
use of marijuana would either increase the drug's use by the general 
population or lead to use of harder drugs like heroin and cocaine.

"Because underage smoking of tobacco and alcohol use typically precede 
marijuana use," the report said, "marijuana is not the most common, and is 
rarely the first, gateway' to illicit drug use."

When will Mississippi have its turn? We are tired of living in fear. We are 
tired of being told that we are the most free of all states while 
constantly being told what we can and cannot do. We are tired of paying 
outrageous taxes given to people for ridiculous reasons. We are tired of 
being last.

Anita Mayfield, Nettleton
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