Pubdate: Mon, 21 Apr 2003
Source: Delta Democrat Times (MS)
Copyright: 2003 Delta Democrat Times
Author: Anita T. Mayfield



In regard to the editorial (April 9) titled, "Rubbing Out Drug Element," I 
would really like to know if the author was trying to convince others or 
perhaps maybe even himself that the drug bust in Greenville had an effect 
on drug use?

I can tell you now, it had absolutely zero effect.

People have eaten, drank, smoked, injected and rubbed onto them various 
forms of mind-altering substances since the beginning of time.

This is human nature and it will continue until the end of time. 
Prohibition will not stop people from doing what they want to do just 
because something is currently against the law.

The War On Drugs is a complete failure with billions of dollars flushed 
down the toilet and still counting. That is so very much money that could 
have been spent on education, health care, abused family shelters or 
hundreds of other well-deserving programs.

Our hard earned taxed-to-death paychecks are what supports the War On Drugs 
and I am just one of millions who is sick to death of the lies our 
government keeps shoving down our throats. You are being ripped completely off.

So while some of you are filling your lungs with "civic pride" because you 
think you are "rubbing out the drug element" you are breathing in foul air.

Instead, why not try to reform our drug laws? Try to compare the cost of 
rehabilitation as opposed to prison. I think you will be quite shocked at 
the difference of these costs, which is just one more thing you and I pay for.

Anita T. Mayfield,

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