Pubdate: Sat, 26 Apr 2003
Source: Federal Way Mirror (WA)
Section: Reader Feedback
Author: Bruce Symington
Note: MAP Editor title; while not technically a published LTE, posted as 
such due to nature of posting in "Reader Feedback" section

Reader Feedback


 From BRUCE SYMINGTON of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada:

As a member of the fourth estate, it behooves you to use rhetoric that is 
not inflammatory in nature. In the article "Schools target drug use" April 
9, the only place the word "use" appears is in the title. The rest of the 
time, the word "abuse" replaces it. This is inflammatory and does nothing 
but raise the fear factor. It is tantamount to saying that someone who has 
one drink of alcohol is the same as a gutter drunk.

Use is not the same as abuse. By using such language, the media propagates 
the drug war and thereby is part of the drug "problem," most of which is 
that those in power are scared to try anything but the miserable failure 
that is the drug war. If the media would make it more difficult for those 
in power to continue on this bad road and easier for them to consider 
alternatives, we might move to a more effective, humanitarian solution. 
Until you embrace your responsibilities, this mess will continue.
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