Pubdate: Mon, 05 May 2003
Source: Ocean County Observer (NJ)
Copyright: 2003 Ocean County Observer
Author: Peter Christopher


How much longer will the American public put up with half-truths and 
distortions from our elected officials and their appointees? The words of 
Ocean County Prosecutor Terrence Farley in his letter "Misinformation 
abounds on medical marijuana" certainly are not objective science and 
seemingly skewed statistics. Is it possible his words are mantras of failed 
government policy? Go to any Web site opposed to the mention of marijuana 
as medicine and you can find the same bunk and little mention sources.

Jim and Cheryl Miller, and a plethora of objective medical personnel and 
patients do not believe the "cannabis doom" as outlined by Farley. Science 
and human evolution do not support the many falsehoods espoused by him.

The time is long overdue for objective and truthful information on the 
medical and recreational marijuana situation in New Jersey as well as 
America. As a person responsible for a video about Cheryl Miller and her 
struggle to have marijuana as medicine, I have seen first hand the relief 
cannabis brings to medical patients. Never has a claim been made by a 
medical patient using marijuana that it is a cure for disease, only that 
cannabis is good medicine for the relief of some pain, nausea and a variety 
of the symptoms caused by disease. Also Marinol does not work for many 
patients forced to use it as their prescribed source of "marijuana." Why is 
this argument not more about doctor-patient and less the political football 
it has become?

I invite Farley to speak with us in an on-camera interview and also as part 
of an educational series for public access television.

Why not also consider the facts at debate on statewide public TV?

Maybe this will lead to more honest debate in public and, if possible, in 

Lets take this issue from sound bites and political posturing to more 
understanding by all.


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