Pubdate: Sun, 18 May 2003
Source: Reporter, The (Fond du Lac, WI)
Copyright: 2003 Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers
Author:  Dave Michon


Corrections officer Jeff DeVries writes: "We are husbands, wives, mothers,
fathers, single parents, neighbors, friends who are working to support
ourselves and families, just like everyone else," etc.

Well, Jeff, so are we. "We" are your fellow-citizens, as in "We the People"
and "we" are languishing in your gulag, multitudes suffering the injustice
of the Drug War so you'll just have to excuse us if we think the prison
system, budget and payroll have become bloated.

"We, the People" need good guards to keep us safe from predators but we
don't need an army of guards to imprison people who victimize nobody but,
perhaps, themselves.

"We" don't need the power of your unions and their vested-interest
influencing issues of civil rights and "we" prefer you come back to work in
the community at something that isn't so anti-social, perhaps something on
your long list.

The prison-mania is over, Jeff; Wisconsin is coming back to its senses.

Dave Michon

Eau Claire
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