Pubdate: Mon, 19 May 2003
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 The Province
Author: Anita T. Mayfield


Canada, oh, Canada, what are your officials thinking?

Can't figure it out?

Neither can we.

All my life I have taken my hat off to Canadians for sticking to their 
beliefs, no matter what the United States had to say about them.

Your federal government's latest actions on the marijuana front are not 
only shocking to the folks who applaud you here in the U.S., but are truly 
a slap in the face to your country.

What does it mean when you can possess 15 grams of marijuana, but grow, buy 
or sell it and you face a crime punishable of up to 14 years?

How and where will your citizens get it?

How do you see this policy as "decriminalization" if someone can't pay the 
outrageous possession fine of $200 and has to serve the penalty in jail 

This sounds like the worst kind of entrapment.

I can tell that Canadian officials have been paying close attention to the 
U.S. war on drugs.

Canada, take off your blinders and look at our state of the nation.

I view our situation as close to impossible to fix.

We are a sick society that will punish a person more severely for using a 
natural, harmless and proven valuable plant than we will a violent lunatic 
who has committed rape and even murder.

Your country will suffer more than you will ever know if you let these 
insane laws pass.

Hold strong to your beliefs, Canada.

Anita T. Mayfield,

President, Mississippi Marijuana Party
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