Pubdate: Tue, 20 May 2003
Source: Airdrie Echo (CN AB)
Copyright: 2003 Airdrie Echo
Author: Larry Seguin


Dear Editor:

I appreciate the Airdrie Echo publishing "Map it out" (May 6), by Chris Buors.'s dedication to the truth has enabled them to take on the 
multi-billion dollar funded drug war propaganda machine (U.S. government) 
with only pocket change and dedicated volunteers.

The U.S. propaganda is in full swing in Canada now. Here are my comments on 
some of the articles which I have read and interviews to which I have listened.

U.S. -- other nations regret decriminalization. Truth: Belgium, Greece, 
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Austria, France, Italy, 
Ireland, the Netherlands and Lambeth and Brixton areas of South London have 
all decriminalized and are moving toward legalization. No European nation 
is considering going back to criminalization.

U.S. -- Germany regrets their needle maintenance program. Truth: the needle 
maintenance program worked so well, it is being expanded. The first year 
saw a significant drop in overdoses. Crime, HIV and hepatitis dropped 50 
per cent.

U.S. -- Canada must respect world drug treaties. Truth: the U.S. has 
refused to acknowledge the Kyoto Accord, the anti-ballistic missile treaty 
and the world war criminal court.

Beware of the influence the U.S. will have on your next elections! What it 
wants may not be in the best interests of Canadian citizens.

Larry Seguin

Lisbon, New York
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