Pubdate: Mon, 26 May 2003
Source: Union-News (MA)
Copyright: 2003 Union-News
Author: Jeff Mendelsohn


Just recently in Northampton, a young man was arrested for growing more 
than $100,000 (street value) worth of marijuana in his own home. I do not 
doubt that his intentions were for distribution purposes or that what he is 
doing is highly illegal, but he is now facing a minimum sentence of 5 years 
in prison. It disgusts me to imagine that he will be jailed with dangerous 
criminals. I seriously doubt this man's intentions were to hurt anyone.

Marijuana is harmless compared to the dangerous and addicting drugs sold in 
convenience stores or in your local deli. Drugs such as nicotine and 
alcohol are far more dangerous and lethal than marijuana.

Marijuana has been proven to help cancer patients and is used medicinally 
in California. The government spends millions of dollars each year trying 
to fight the marijuana drug war. Imagine how those dollars could be used to 
create a better educational system in the United States. Countries such as 
Holland allow the consumption of marijuana.

The only reason why alcohol and cigarettes are still being sold is because 
of the money that they bring in annually. If marijuana were legalized, the 
proper authorities could easily monitor distribution and safety. The only 
reason why marijuana is dangerous is because it can be laced with other 
dangerous drugs such as "angel dust" and crystal methamphetamine.

If marijuana were taxed, it would strengthen the United States and many 
other third world countries' economies. The U.S. could use every penny.

Jeff Mendelsohn, Hardwick
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