Pubdate: Fri,  6 Jun 2003
Source: Daily Times, The (MD)
Copyright: 2003 The Daily Times
Author: Jos. E. Hopwood
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RE: "Our view: Marijuana bill right on target." June 1

This Daily Times editorial has much in it that causes considerable thought.
I have been both an observer and a participant in the drug wars since the
1930s, on the side of the drug users, of course.  In the 30's Hitler tried
to stamp out drug use in Germany through the Fascist tactic of prohibition.

This is same tactic I have fought against almost all my life.

Drugs themselves were never an issue with me.

Even in that remote era we knew nicotine in cigarettes was the most
addictive substance known to man and a killer.

We knew addictive alcohol was dangerous because it made men violent.

We knew heroin use was suicidal.

What we did not know was addictive drugs help destroy the human immune
system.  We also knew then that marijuana did not belong in the same class
with these highly dangerous substances.

We now know marijuana is a helpful substance where the nervous system is
involved, (pain, epilepsy, etc,) and I believe it may, someday, when the
Federal government gets out of the drug business, prove effective in the
repair of the immune system.

We had found out by the 30s prohibition was not the solution of our alcohol
problem and indeed made that curse much worse.

Prohibition makes more problems than it can solve and for this reason will
never be successful.  Prohibition can only be enforced by Fascist police
state techniques.

John Walters is the disciple of the now discredited William Bennett. Like
Bennett and Hitler he believes what he says is right because he says its

Our Governor would have none of that kind of thinking.

Unfortunately, there is a belief among some arrogant politicians that the
Constitution can be breached by a majority vote.

Since they have been deceived by their own deceits this may well happen,
much to the detriment of the American people.

To give John Walters billions to disrupt the democratic process of free
elections is nothing but Fascism, pure and simple.

Heil Hitler.

Jos. E. Hopwood

Quantico. MD
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