Pubdate: Wed, 4 Jun 2003
Source: Marlborough Express (New Zealand)
Copyright: Independent Newspapers Limited 2003
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Author:Duncan Eddy


Dear Editor,

Allocating scarce and essential law resources attempting to enforce a 
counterproductive and unworkable  law while serious crimes go unsolved is 
highly questionable. Yet Marlborough police wasted their time and resources 
in a recent anti cannabis operation. (Marlborough Express, 22/05/03)).

This operation was reported to involve around 20 police and support staff, 
a helicopter, dogs trained in drug detection work, and numerous 
vehicles.  I wonder if Marlborough police would be willing to disclose 
exactly how many police hours and taxpayers dollars this cost?   How many 
property crimes and acts of violence went unsolved while police were busy 
ripping out plants and arresting cannabis growers and users?

I'd rather police got on with solving real crimes. They've got much more 
important things to do than larking around in the bush on petty cannabis 
recovery operations.


Duncan Eddy
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