Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jun 2003
Source: Charlotte Creative Loafing (NC)
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Author: Name Withheld by Request


Re: "Drugs R Us" by Lucy Perkins (June 11).

Having spent a number of years as a teacher in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg 
School system, I have seen the failures of the current drug enforcement 
program. The drug problem is very complex, therefore it is not likely to be 
solved, because our politicians are incapable of thought beyond a single 
solution, whether a single answer satisfies all or not.

The starting point for reasonable decision-making has to be facts, truth, 
and scientific evidence. I would like to see unbiased research about each 
of the drugs now subject to restriction. It would be refreshing to have 
researchers who simply let the facts fall where they may and report them 

I am not certain that a world with legal drugs being consumed is a world I 
would want to occupy, but we have drugs being consumed now and I do occupy 
that world. If the drugs were legal, they would be of consistent quality 
and concentration, thus overdoses would diminish; the criminal element 
would be out of work; and the tax revenue would allow politicians to go on 
a spending spree of epic proportions.

Continue to challenge the thought processes of the readers. I do not agree 
with everything Ms. Perkins writes, but I love to consider the arguments 
she presents.

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