Pubdate: Fri, 22 Oct 2004
Source: Albany Democrat-Herald (OR)
Copyright: 2004 Lee Enterprises
Author: Dan Kenny
Cited: Measure 33 ( )


Having worked with the disabled population for 18 years, I have had a
number of clients who have chosen medical marijuana over potentially
addictive narcotics for pain control. One example was a young woman
who had recurrent cancer. After two invasive surgeries; a round of the
maximum chemotherapy, and one of radiation, the cancer was back and

Fortunately, her boyfriend risked his own safety to grow it for her,
easing her final months of suffering.

I have seen successful results in terms of increasing the appetite for
bulimics/anorexics, and easing the suffering of individuals with
glaucoma, sometimes even slowing the progressive rate of damage. It
has also been used successfully by individuals who are allergic to
narcotics or who suffer unpleasant side effects from conventional pain

We, as Oregonians, voted to allow the use of medical marijuana, but
unless one is capable of growing their own or can find a safe and
reliable person to grow it using their license, one is in danger of
breaking another law.

And, unless one is growing indoors, there are only one or two harvest
periods in a year, so the measure makes sense in allowing a larger
amount of herbal remedy to be kept in reserve.

Perhaps you, like myself, get your prescriptions at a lower price by
ordering three months' supply. If it makes sense for us, it is only
logical for cardholders to want the same benefit.

I hope you will consider voting yes on 33.

Dan Kenny, Albany