Pubdate: Thu, 01 Jan 2004
Source: Charleston Daily Mail (WV)
Copyright: 2004 Charleston Daily Mail
Author: Scott Russ


I guess a urinalysis is the new pledge of allegiance? Why don't we just 
allow the government to brand us with bar codes and insert computer chips 
under our skin so it can monitor everything we ingest?

America is no longer the land of the free. This is a disgrace to everything 
our country was founded upon.

The war on drugs isn't about justice or protecting our children. We've 
spent over 50 years under that pretense. And what have been the results? 
Corrupt law enforcement and judiciary, increased crime, death, disease, 
budget deficits and increased spending on prisons instead of education and 
other critical programs.

Current and past presidents have used some of the very substances that 
these kids will be tested for, so what message are we really sending our kids?

Our senators and representatives have conveniently exempted themselves from 
drug testing while Drug Czar John Walters tours the country pressuring 
school boards to implement drug testing for our children. The hypocrisy of 
this is so thick it stinks.

Our leaders need to find the courage to end this insanity before another 
generation is forced to endure the loss of life and liberty in the name of 
the drug war.

If our leaders can't find that courage, then they need to be voted out to 
make room for those who have the conviction to do real justice and end this 
domestic policy disaster.

I urge all Americans to contact their representatives and let them know 
that we will not support this fraud any longer.

Scott Russ

Baton Rouge, La.
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