Pubdate: Sat, 03 Jan 2004
Source: Ledger-Enquirer (GA)
Copyright: 2004 Ledger-Enquirer
Author: Chris Buors


If there were no drug laws, there would be no police shooting of
citizens, nor would there be enterprising ruffians vying for a very
lucrative black market.

Self medication was a natural right since time began until 100 years
ago. Now the police have shot someone over it, that is what is ludicrous.

Drug dealers are not poisoning the children, which is a modern version
of Jews poisoning the wells. Drug dealers are more like the pirates
and privateers of the past delivering the rum and molasses King George
III said his children in America had to buy from him or not at all!
Lafayette lives and so does the spirit of liberalism any reading of
Jefferson will instill in a person.

Yep, if those rabble rousers had just left King George III in control
of the rum and molasses there would have never been a need for
Lafayette or the Boston tea party or the Revolution or nothing.

Didn't Americans quit being children 200-odd years ago? What is with
the irrational fear of what clearly are political crimes like drug
dealing? Drugs are inanimate substances that have no supernatural
powers whatsoever.

Nobody in America is getting shot over selling alcohol anymore. The
hypocrisy of Will Rogers' observation that, "Mississippi will drink
wet and vote dry so long as any citizen can stagger to the polls,"
needs only a slight variation to hold even more true today. Americans
demand drugs to consume for pleasure purposes.

Americans are the biggest hypocrites on planet Earth. There is an
irreconcilable internal struggle between the liberty instilled by the
founding fathers and the Puritan drive to battle sin the world over
going on in America. From the outside looking in, here's hoping
liberty prevails.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg,  Manitoba,  Canada
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